Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Modern Lobby, Coming Soon!

Oh my goodness.  You're gonna love what we have in store for you.  Recently we were able to have our own space to decorate as our lobby so we can showcase our work.  We will be able to sit with clients, take orders, and have a space to distribute pick-up orders. This has been a monumental development for us since we have gotten many requests for 'pick-up' from local customers.  Soo awesome!  We've been pinning inspiration photos like crazy the last couple days to get a visual of what we want.  This is what we got so far....
Can you see it?  Honestly, it doesn't even begin to explain how we're going to pull it off.  Maybe if I'm diligent enough, you'll see some sneak peek shots of what we got so far.


We've been such workaholics lately.  On one hand we absolutely LOVE all the fan support and incoming orders.  When we close out the day we throw up our hands in celebration for all the business that came in.  Then we realize all the overtime we have to put in to FILL those orders!  But hey, we aren't complaining.  You guys allow us to do what we love.  For that, we are enormously grateful! 

This week we've had a wave of Yo Gabba Gabba customers snatching up our cake toppers.  I don't know very much of the show but I'm absolutely loving the bright colors and playfulness of the characters.

I have so much fun making these.  Every time I finish a smile on a character, it's as if I built a new friend or something.  Then I smile back. Wow, don't judge me.  Maybe it's been too many late night hours.  Is it too weird to say that these guys keep us company while we finish the rest of our orders?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Missing In Action!!

It's been a bit quiet here on the blog front but I swear, we're still kicking!!! We've been busy working on new things (other than sugar flowers) like these.....
This is a miniature little girl for Bonnie's daughter's birthday!!
And these little lovelies.....
Oh and these!!...
Since last year our little portfolio blossomed into lots of edible little jewels to speak well of.  I hope you like them.  And if you're wondering how we're doing on the party front.....
Hostess With The Mostess

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Modern Pink Video Shoot

As promised, here are photos from our video shoot!  We worked with GeoBeats to create this fun and beautiful little dessert table to demonstrate our business.  A great many thanks to Lesley of Malapit Design for gorgeously documenting this experience. 

We pulled together this dessert table almost overnight, with items we had on hand in the shop. Almost no budget!

Here's Bonnie, adjusting everything to perfection

Going over the 'script' with the cameraman.... and totally messing up

Behind the scenes

Friday, December 2, 2011

After The Video Shoot: A Trip to Dolcissimo and Dripp

My sister from Scotland hung out with Bonnie and I during our video shoot to photograph our crazy antics and document the visit.  Afterward, she and I went to Dolcissimo for some mouth-watering french macarons and Dripp for some iced coffee.

After getting a nice box for ourselves, we headed next door to Dripp for coffee.  I absolutely love the interior to this place.  It's got an Industrial Revolution Vintage thing going on that I am crazy for.  I noticed some light fixtures and furniture (especially the aviator-inspired lounge chair) were from Restoration Hardware.  I loved how it worked in that space.  Here is a photo of the cafe from outside.

A great way to end a long day of video shooting

mmmm.... chocolate, buttercream, and pistachio!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gorgeous Greens

These photos just came in from one of our customers.  It really brightens my day to see our work on a gorgeous wedding cake.  Thanks you guys for choosing us to help celebrate your special day, you make a great couple!