Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kickin' it into high gear

Last week we joined a Bootcamp to get ourselves back into healthy shape.  So, besides designing paper products for our Etsy shop, and dreaming about all the great parties we'll put together, we've been texting each other at 5:15 am to make sure we get to Bootcamp class on time (and it mostly involves Bonnie texting me because I'm always last to get out the door).  At the end of the week, our instructor Cara told us about their upcoming Grand Opening that was two days away.  The discussion was followed by a mention that we are in the party planning business to giving tips about planning the Grand Opening to actually helping put it all together!  We were thrilled to get an opportunity to practice our craft with such a great company.  The challenge was to make everything come together in 2 days.  In the end, we were so ecstatic that everything came together smoothly.  Check out the details of the event below.
A little refreshment table complete with custom made water bottle covers, candies, and Advocare Spark Energy Drink in Mandarin Orange.
A close up of the water bottle covers.

DJ Angie Vee
(On Left) Cara
 A little Bootcamp demonstration.  This exercise was always so hard for me!
We had a lot of fun going to Cara and John's classes, and because they are such a kind and awesome couple, we enjoyed every minute of planning the Grand Opening with them.  If you're interested in joining a good Bootcamp where they're not yelling down your throat and killing your joints with concrete floors (as you can see, FitBody Bootcamp's flooring is cushy soft!), you should check out a FitBody Bootcamp in your area here.

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