Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{An Awesome Website} Sugar Couture

At the end of the day I usually like to relax and glue my eyes to a computer screen.  Hahaha it's so calming, right?  I find myself there, hours on end, searching for the next great inspiration.  I know it's a weird 'cool down' hobby after spending a whole workday on the same computer; answering convos, answering e-mails, renewing items in the shop, designing paper packages, and editing photos, but I often love the feeling of finding little creative gems here and there.  Every week (or sometimes couple times a week) I'll post {An Awesome Website}.  The posts will be a compilation of great websites that have beautiful content that I think could be just the perfect muse for your next project (i.e. birthday, wedding, shower, Sunday afternoon, dinner party etc.).

This week, I was lucky enough to stumble across Sugar Couture in New York.  The sugar decorations and cake design totally BLEW me away.  I loved the clean, elegant lines of these cakes.  Check out the portfolio!  Impeccable work whether the cake be for a wedding or a kids' birthday.  Would definitely browse this site for an idea on my next birthday cake.

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