Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where Have We Been?

It seems like we've been in a whirlwind of chaos since we met up in March to be Modern Luxe.  Let's see, what have we been doing?? After coordinating the FitBody Bootcamp Grand Opening we were approached by Lorri Tippett from the extravagant Vellano Country Club in Chino Hills to do a sample dessert table.  The event was hosted by the Country Club and coordinated by Cynthia of Cyn In The City.  Of course we'll show off more photos of one of our favorite tables later, but here's a little peek at how it went.

After that busy week, we prepared for my daughter's 5th birthday party the next week which was an elegant, diamond encrusted "Royal Princess" Party.  We loved the idea of rich saturated blue styled with shades of pink.  Here was the invitation:
And here is a sample of how lovely the party was!

Of course, more pictures will follow! Can't wait to share that with you.  After an amazing (and tiring! Yes there was a big amount of clean up after that) weekend, we jumped right into creating a sweet little baby shower for a client in Pasadena.  Their home was a lovely craftsman-style house that was warm and rustic.  So we used that setting as inspiration for a 'Little Bird' Baby Shower!  Since the baby was a boy we used light blues, cornflower blues with deep browns as our color palette.  We used moss, bird cages, and branches and branches of white blossoms to bring nature into our dessert table.  We also created a kid's table with wooden birdhouses that they can paint. 
That shower was so fun!  It was a nice change from the glamorous princess party and the luxurious Vellano dessert table we did a short while ago.  Right after that we got to work on 3 different photoshoots to showcase our design work in paper products.  Our first shoot was for a Purple Circus Party, complete with confetti circles, yards of banners, and elegant circus animal silhouettes.

We actually have the digital party package available at the shop HERE.  That one photo just a peek for now but I promise you're going to get more.  Next up, we had Bonnie's favorite shoot, the Ivory Paris Party.  It was a chic and sophisticated change from the bright flamboyant Purple Circus Party.  We went shopping at Michael's and fell in love with these decorative boxes and crown topped bottles.

We just loved the crisp black and white stripes in this shoot.  Oh, and it just so happens that Bonnie was wearing this on the day of the shoot:

Lastly, we put together a quick little dessert table for a Casino Party, complete with poker chip cupcake toppers and a red and black color scheme.

Can you believe all of this happened in a span of just over a month??! 

Soon after that photoshoot, we decided to combine my business of sugar flowers (named Sweet Petal Bakery) into Modern Luxe so we can offer a full range of party products from edible fondant art to customizable printable party designs.  Next, we needed to find a place to operate our growing empire.  We found a great little office and workspace that was the perfect distance from our homes. I'll definitely post some pics of our shop later as we develop it.  So anyway, that brings us up to date.  I'll be back with tons of photos and tons of stories about little milestone things that just excited us as we go on this great business venture (for example, when we got our first letter mailed to our business address! Yay!).  We'll see you next time!  Hit us up if you have a party to plan!


All of these great party designs are actually available in our shop HERE if you're interested in creating a unique and personalized party.

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  1. I have been trying to find where you got the birthday invitations... can i please purchase them??