Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Autumn, and it's Awesome

And we're back!  I know I keep saying this over and over but... it's been crazy over here at the shop.  We're not snobs or anything, and I'm not saying that this is more important than you (as if we thought, 'you have no importance in our lives').  No! I've been DYING to get back to blogging pretty things here.  Let's start off with the latest news.  Since we moved into our office in Chino, we've been so busy with orders that we've skipped out on interior design.  Our foyer just had a plain little couch (which is tremendously comfy for break time!) and TV.  Our walls were bare white and boring.  You'd never know we were in the party business.  As of right now, I am putting together a little color scheme to brighten up our office.  But lo! We have some parameters!  Our foyer is shared with another business owner so we couldn't really throw pink all over the place (it has to look both professional and a little masculine) AND we have to spend as little money as possible on it.  So I scrounged together a bunch of things I had around the house and raided Pinterest for DIY design inspiration.  We also had a lot of stuff from events we did this year so we'll be using those as well.  So far I've spent only about $11 in gold cardstock, gold spray paint and hot pink paint samples.  I can't wait to finish it and show you.

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